All ages and abilities welcome..

We need as many representatives of our church family as possible – so don’t be shy.

(by sending a video you are giving consent for your video to be put on YouTube).

Record yourself singing to the whole song.  Listen to the guide track through headphones and record on a separate device. The recording needs to be just you singing acapella.

To download the guide track to sing along with click Here

To download the lyrics sheet click Here

- Film yourself landscape where possible.
- Try and be in a well-lit area and position yourself in the middle of the screen.
- If most people can sing the main melody not harmonies.

If you don’t have a way in which to record yourself or listen to the original track through headphones please get in contact with me Abi Wisbey so we can arrange a different way of recording you.

If you don’t want to sing but still wish to be involved and can play an instrument, I will be needing a limited number of people willing to record themselves playing an instrument. If you could please get in contact with me in order to arrange this by the 29th June.

Deadline to get all your videos to me will be 8th July.

For more information about any of the above or how to pass on your recordings contact us Here