• Ben Slatter

    Ben Slatter

    Assistant Pastor

    Ben joined Ebenezer in September 2016 as Assistant Pastor. Prior to this Ben worked as a teacher in Ewloe, Chester and London for 5 years. Ben is responsible for our Young People and Families work. Ben and his wife Ruth have three children.

  • Antony

    Antony Bennett


    Antony has recently joined the Elder team for a second term after a break. Passionate about fine arts and history, Antony is married to Alison. When he isn’t racing all over the place with work or being pulled all over the mountains by their energetic dog, he is involved in lots of activities in his community and in church life. 

  • Dr Jon Edwards

    Jon Edwards

    Elder (Henuriad)

    Jon and his wife Gwen have been a part of Ebenezer Church family since moving to the area with his work in 2007. He now serves on the Elder’s Team. Jon and Gwen have 4 children which keeps them busy!

    Mae Jon a Gwen wedi bod yn rhan o deulu eglwys ebenezer ers 2007 pan symudon nhw i’r ardal gyda gwaith Jon. Mae Jon ar hyn o bryd yn gwasanaethu ar dim yr henuriaid. Mae ganddynt 4 o blant sy’n cadw nhw’n ddigon prysur!

  • James Mitton

    James Mitton


    James loves most sports, but growing up in Northern Ireland and Bradford has meant he doesn’t support any particular teams and feels a bit of a nomad when asked where he’s from! Enjoys drumming, piano and guitar and generally keeping busy with lots of mini projects.

  • Jonathan Wells

    Jonathan Wells


    Jonathan and his wife Helen have been members of Ebenezer since moving to the area in 1985. Recently retired, Jonathan has picked up more responsibilities in church family life whilst still finding the time to enjoy playing the sax and escaping to the golf course! Jonathan became an elder in 2009.

  • Alison Bennett

    Alison Bennett


    Alison is the deacon responsible for helping us with our missionary support locally, regionally and abroad. Alison teaches regularly in the Junior Church and is part of the pastoral care team too. 

  • Scott

    Scott Liddell


    Scott is the church Treasurer and works alongside Kelvin. Married to Monika, Scott has 3 girls who keep him out of mischief! Scott joined the deacon team in 2019. 

  • Allan Peters

    Allan Peters

    Deacon (Church Secretary)

    Responsible for the Facilities and Church Secretary

    • Repairs and maintenance to the church building
    • Maintenance of church equipment including Copyright Licenses and Health & Safety requirements.
    • Responsible for ‘Events Team’.
    • Management of the membership list, minutes, meetings and actions
    • The churches Data Protection lead
  • Kelvin Redmile

    Kelvin Redmile


    Responsible for Finance

    • Developing financial budgets to meet church priorities.
    • Communication of finances to Managing Trustees and members.
    • Book keeping/accounting in line with legal requirements.
    • Processing of church expenditure in line with agreed processes.
  • Andrew Scarsbrook

    Andrew Scarsbrook

    Chair of the Deacons

    Andrew is responsible for chairing the deacons and overseeing the smooth running of Sunday services amongst other things! He enjoys his fantasty football league, escapes with the caravan and relaxing to Rend Collective with wife Emma and 3 children - That’s in the rare moments they get to relax!

  • Jono Sherwood

    Jono Sherwood


    Responsible for Audio & Visual

    • Responsible for the technical set up and maintenance of audio (mics, speakers etc) and visual (projector, laptops, website).
    • Ensuring that rotas in place and working to support church services and other key events.
    • Replacement or introduction of necessary audio or visual equipment.
  • Cleaner and Caretaker

    Mike Cole

    Trainee supporting our church plant, Grace Church Buckley

    Mike is supporting our new church plant in Buckley and attending the North West Partnership. Outside of this and busy family life with Rachel and the kids, he enjoys playing the guitar and has an acquired taste in Christian Metal music including “relaxing” to the band Red! 

  • Anne Peters

    Anne Peters

    Church Administrator

    Anne works as an administrator supporting the church to help us be more organised! She’s involved in everything from notices to communication of the upcoming programme of events, minutes of church meetings and much more. Juggled with other interests and work, Anne enjoys speaking German in the rare chances she gets, and writing and singing her own music. 

  • Moira

    Moira Reynolds

    Women’s Pastoral Worker

    Moira has been a member of Ebs for a number of years. In 2018 she took the new position of Women’s Pastoral Worker providing pastoral care and discipling for the women in the church -helping us move from relying on a few individuals who do a lot of caring, to a church culture where we all care for and disciple each other. Moira leads our Pastoral Care team. She’s completed two years of a Biblical Counselling course and hopes to finish it in 2020. Moira was previously actively involved in the Street Pastors work in Chester.

  • Ben Midgley

    Ben Midgley


    Ben was called to follow Jesus in 1989, and entered full-time pastoral ministry in 2007 after studying at the London Seminary. He is married to Sian. Together they have four children. Ben is an Orbit whose bias is HaSeul. He put that last bit in for his younger daughter... Ben joined the team at Ebs in Sep 2019.